Fast is Good. Rapids is Better.

Rapids Warehousing is a commercial storage, logistics and supply chain partner headquartered in Cordele, Georgia.

Rapids Warehousing launched as a separate business unit in 2020 to better serve our commercial agrichemical and adjuvants manufacturing clients.  We are strategically located near Helena Industries manufacturing sites in Cordele, Georgia and Des Moines, IA which gives our customers unparalleled advantages in cost effectiveness and efficiency.

Our company is proudly carrying on the core values we’ve operated by since our beginning at Helena Industries. In that same spirit of service, we’ve developed our specialized warehousing service model specifically to provide a variety of operational benefits beyond the scope of traditional warehousing and logistics approaches.

Proximity to Manufacturing Plant

Our warehouses are located close to Helena’s manufacturing facilities, providing layers of speed and convenience for managing and storing inbound raw materials and outgoing product.

Transportation Savings

Storing your materials close to the manufacturing site helps avoid trucking fees associated with relocating your goods to regional or interstate warehouses. A standard transfer rate for moving items between Helena and Rapids Warehousing can save our customers as much as 500% over traditional fees and includes hazardous materials.

Inventory Fee Reduction

An on-site storage solution working hand-in-hand with the manufacturer allows some producers to avoid minimum stock amounts at satellite warehouses, with on-demand orders sourced from supporting stock as needed.

Reduced Supply Chain Overhead

Our experienced staff coordinates closely with the manufacturing site to schedule and track all movements of your materials and products, significantly cutting your overhead costs and saving you time.